Can I help you?

All support requests are treated equal - whether you own our product or are just using the trial version. You may request,

  • Technical support

  • Sales support

  • Product training

  • Resend license

  • Volume discount

  • Reseller policy

  • Licensing information

  • Purchase inquiry on your order

  • Refund if you are not satisfied with the paid version

  • Free upgrade to the latest version

How to get support?

Our support staff are located in 4 different locations, UK, Spain, France and the USA. Depending on your question and the time of day you posted - it could be answered by a member of support team in any one of these locations.

When requesting technical support - it is important you supply us with the following information,

  • Your serial # or receipt # or specify 'demo' Version

  • Type of Microsoft Windows being used

  • Product version

  • Language set used in the translation

  • Type of Internet connection

  • Cartoon character being used

How to contact us?


Send your support requests through email to us,

As always, we respond to your requests in less than 6 hours. If you want to talk to us, feel free to send your telephone number and your time zone information to us, and we will call you back in your working hours usually within 2 business days.

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